South Wales Potters

Andrew Trimby

I have recently returned to clay, after graduating from Cardiff School of Art and Design with a ceramics degree in 1988. I have enjoyed hand building since school days, particularly flat coiling, where relatively light organic forms can be constructed. I also enjoy throwing and piercing clay.

My sculptural mainly hand built work is currently inspired by the proud cockerel and the crazy cat.

I enjoy exploring new forms thrown on the wheel. I like to add to this body of work continuously, not just to challenge my throwing technique, but also to discover what works the best, and try out new ideas.

I have pierced clay since my early degree days, I prefer organic looking holes to the more precise cut out look. I also appreciate how piercing can make a form lighter, and how it increases its interaction with ambient light.

I enjoy applying blue and/or green colouring oxides on a white glaze creating interesting feather/fur like drips, and runs during the dynamics of the glaze melt.

All work is high fired oxidised earthenware in electric kilns.