South Wales Potters

Andrew Trimby

I live and work in Cardiff and have recently returned to working with clay. I graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design with a ceramics degree after leaving school.

I aim to make attractive pottery and ceramics for home, garden and to wear.

I've enjoyed handbuilding with clay since my school days, particularly the ancient technique of flat coiling, where relatively light organic forms can be constructed. I also like to throw on the potter's wheel, and pierce clay. I like to try new thrown forms that challenge my throwing skills, trying out new ideas, finding out what works best, and adding them to my body of work. There is something very satisfying about piercing clay. It became a favoured technique during my degree course where I became interested in the fascinating holed/spiked structures of microplankton. I much prefer organic asymmetrical holes to the more precise circular look, and appreciate how piercing can make a form lighter, and how it increases its interaction with ambient light.

My coiled thrown and pierced sculptural pieces are currently inspired by the proud cockerel, crowing, stretching up to the emerging sun, to signal the start of a new day.

I’m currently exploring the glaze effects of applying blue and/or green colouring oxides on a tactile, runny, silky white, matt glaze which creates interesting spontaneous feather/fur like drips and runs during the dynamics of the glaze melt.

All work is high fired oxidised earthenware in my little electric kilns.