South Wales Potters

Online talk and demonstration by Bonnie Kemske and Iku Nishikawa

Sunday May 16th at 2pm via Zoom

Kintsugi is a Japanese repair technique that takes a broken pot and makes it into a more beautiful object. Its golden seams mark, don't hide, its damage, giving us a strong metaphor overcoming tragedy.
Dr. Bonnie Kemske, a professional writer and critic, as well as a ceramic artist from the RCA, has published a new book, Kintsugi: The Poetic Mend, in which she tells the story of this remarkable art form through its technical and practical elements, its origins, and its connections to today’s world. It also includes stories from Bonnie's travels to Japan, where she spoke with artists and ceramicists. A discount on Bonnie's book will be offered to the attendees.
Those who would like to do a repair at the same time as Iku does, can order a Kintsugi kit via her website, then email Iku to obtain a 10% discount before the event,