South Wales Potters

Online demonstration by Larissa Warren

January 24th 2021 at 9.00am via Zoom

Free to SWP members

We are using our Zoom facility to invite renowned potters from around the globe - and this event features Larissa Warren from Australia.

She is influenced by her fascination about layers of minerals and clays underneath the earth and how they are uncovered.

Larissa's work echoes her local landscape by using raw volcanic clay from near her studio on the remote Tamborine Mountain, about an hour from Brisbane. Geological metamorphosis and histories influence her concepts. 

Larissa has a passion for Nerikomi techniques, stacking translucent porcelain, colour, raw stoneware and minerals and then slicing through them in cross section.

Abergavenny based Kim Colebrook will be the South Wales Potters host for this event, in which Larissa will be demonstrating colouring porcelain, making Nerikomi blocks, advising on stains, handling and storing coloured clays, joining and forming blocks. She will also discuss drying and firing for the best results.

Larissa will welcome questions about using Nerikomi to hand-build and to use on the wheel.