South Wales Potters

Online demonstration by John Stroomer

December 6th 2020 at 9.30am via Zoom

Free to SWP members

John has an insatiable passion for his work, in which he strives to throw large sensuous shapes while endeavouring to create a delicate balance between form and glaze.  He works primarily with high fired crystalline and reduction glazes, giving surface texture and colours that reflect the transformation of molten matter and the immense creative forces of heat in nature.

"I am inspired by organic forms, classical curves and flowing lines....nothing challenges my skills more on the potters wheel than the bottle. A narrow foot emerging into a wide bellied form with soft shoulders flowing into an elegant narrow neck, proportion balance and soft changes of direction are a constant challenge to refining my throwing skills."

John will be talking about his work, which often features crystalline glazes, before demonstrating his throwing skills and other techniques. 

This will be followed by a Q & A session.