South Wales Potters

North & South Wales Potters' Exhibition at ICF

A successful exhibition of the work of potters from the two groups who are part of the organising team of ICF.

The following potters took part in the exhibition...

South Wales Potters


Lindy Martin, Daniel Boyle, Robyn Cove, Rachel Padley, Jane Rees-Parfitt, Margaret Brampton, Mary Cousins, Sue Carr, Jason Braham, Michael Hughes, Olwen Thomas, Widge Thorpe, Simon Hulbert, Hilary Coole, John West, and Douglas Newman


North Wales Potters


Richard Morris, Julia Elliot, Simon Smith, Carine Van Gestel, Ian Marsh, Terry Bell-Hughes, Bev Bell-Hughes, Sue Barnes, Louise Schrempft, David & Anouska Brown, Ruth Gibson, Annie Greenward and Pea Restall.

Images from the exhibition...