Robyn Cove at Aberystwyth...

Not Just for Pretty: Robyn Cove in relation to Michael Cardew

Ceramic Gallery, Aberystwyth Arts Centre from 21 July until October 2018

Michael Cardew’s pots have always been present in Robyn Cove’s life.  Her mother was a distant relation of Cardew and the family used his jars, cups and bowls in their day-to-day life. Robyn’s interest in studio ceramics was encouraged by her uncle Simon Fox, a ceramics collector who has kindly loaned some pieces for this exhibition.

Robyn Writes: The project ‘Not Just for Pretty’ has given me the chance to explore the functional and decorative qualities of Michael Cardew's pottery. Studying his pots  I can see how Cardew developed and progressed his work.
I would never have called myself a decorator before this project but now having translated decorative motifs into my own style and onto my own pots I have found my own voice.  Decoration is now the main statement of my work and awareness of function is foremost in my mind when I am making.

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